Shadia is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker based in Seattle, WA providing integrative counseling and psychotherapy

Individual sessions are available in person, by phone or video chat

This is a space to explore and navigate the human experience. It is a collaborative and creative space for support.


P r a c t i c e A r e a s

chronic illness
grief / loss
family conflict
work / school
life transitions
metaphysical / spirituality

  • Somatic Therapy
    mind / body / energy work designed
    to restore the nervous system

  • Cognitive Behavioral CBT
    practice challenging negative
    thinking / behaviors

  • Dialectical DBT
    emotional regulation and
    distress tolerance

  • Art Therapy
    this can be anything from
    doodling to large projects and more!

  • Existential
    finding meaning in a chaotic world

  • Mindfulness-based
    meditation practice

  • Pet Therapy
    meet Dudley the dog!

Shadia Boraby, LICSW

Shadia Boraby, LICSW